A Simple Guide to Burning that Extra Fat

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Be Healthywise - weight loss tips

Be Healthywise - weight loss tips

Losing that unwanted extra weight is about one’s lifestyle. In the previous issues we looked at the risk factors of excess weight and we also looked at steps one should take in order to stop gaining weight.

Many people would rather look for ways to lose weight as fast as they can and they have often fallen for all sorts of traps that have left them disappointed and devastated wallets.

As earlier stated, there are no short cuts to weight loss especially if you are looking for a lasting solution.

When your body is working at its optimum it has the ability to regulate fuel intake and consumption and your body weight will be maintained at optimum levels for a long period without your conscious effort on your part. This regulatory system will break down due to inactivity and the toxins that overburden your system resulting in poor metabolism.

Here are some of the things you could do to help you cut down your weight,

  1. Detox by going on a juice fast or by eating fruits and vegetables, for a couple of days, on regular basis.
  2. Set regular times to have your meals and do not skip a meal you might over eat when you get one and your metabolism will be affected.
  3. Eat your largest meals at breakfast and lunch. Your dinner should be a light meal and early usually 3 hours before bedtime.
  4. Snack on a fruit or unsweetened herbal tea
  5. Your meals should be from natural unprocessed whole foods
  6. Avoid saturated and hydrogenated fats
  7. Half fill your plate with vegetables quarter with whole starch and quarter with protein
  8. Go on a consistent regular exercise program. Walking is one of the most effective.
  9. Get all the rest and sleep you need this will help eliminate fatigue and tension that in most cases is the cause of over indulging.
  10. Seek the help of a nutritionist.

A guide sample meal plan

Breakfast    Snack   Lunch Snack Dinner
Cereal, a fruit

Fresh fruit juice

Un sweetened herbal tea,

A fruit


Vegetable salad, Nduma or sweet potato, chicken or fish

Fruit juice or a fruit salad

A fruit

Herbal tea,


Raw salad

Brown rice, or brown chapatti

Pulses stew

Fruit salad

Herbal tea

Note: We are all unique and one meal plan does not work for all. You need a custom weight loss regime?

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