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July 10, 2019
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Behealthywise - weight loss humor

In our last blog post, we introduced weight management and we mentioned some of the reasons that lead to us putting on excess weight we also looked at the risk factors of overweight.

I am certain that those who read that article must have taken their curiosity to challenge and weighed yourself! So how is your weight? Are you within the limits of the guidelines given or you are over the edge?

I know of some friends of mine when they see a scale in the streets first, they stop to look around incase someone they know is passing by.

When they are assured that no one is watching they step on the scale and when the reading come on, they start faulting the scale they might ask the person standing next to the scale if it is really working.

The registered weight is far beyond what they expected to see so they walk away muttering to themselves some thing like- these scales are never repaired; I have to buy one for myself.

It is easy to complain about the scales but not to complain about your appetite which in most of the times very large or the craving of sweet and fatty delicacies (that sweet tooth)

Now that you know your weight and you really want to do something about it. You want to loose some of that weight but first you have to stop gaining weight in order to loose.

Lets look at some of the steps you need to take in order to arrest your weight gain.

  1. Introduce whole foods in your diet. Whole foods (cereals, pulses, legumes and roots) are more nutritious and most of them contain B complex vitamins that aid metabolism.Over processed foods have been stripped off of most essential nutrients and sugar and or fats added to make them tasty. Preservatives are also added to make them keep on the selves longer.

    Some of these additives overburden the liver making it sluggish in metabolism and therefore the stashing away of most excess food as fats! Some people may find it very had to stop eating junk food this is because their bodies are already addicted to the carbohydrates.

    When you eat food that is void of the nutrients the body requires, your brain will send a message that you are missing something, to you it could mean more food so you go for a second and a third helping and since the helpings do not contain the nutrients the body is actually craving for, the circle continues. That is how food addiction comes about

  2. Do not skip meals: Skipping meals does not help one to lose weight it does the opposite in most cases. If you skip a meal by the time you are getting one you will be swallowing some of that food without chewing it properly.Food should be chewed well and be allowed to mix well with the saliva so that the enzymes act on it. When the food gets into your stomach it is too much for it to carry out efficient digestion.

    The most important meal of the day is breakfast. Most people are always in a rush in the morning for all sorts of reasons. For those who eat dinner early (at least 3 hours before bedtime) by next morning their cells will be starving.

    The cells will have fasted for about 6-8 hours it is important therefore to break that fast with a well balance nutritious meal.

    Whole cereals and a variety of fruits or fresh fruit juice is a good way to begin your day. Whole cereals will help to clean your colon. Avoid sausages, bacon fried eggs and commercial sweetened juices.

  3. Lunch: Your lunch should be light but well balanced. Be generous with vegetables, raw salads should be your preferred choice it will supply your body with the enzymes required for efficient metabolism.Fruit salads are also excellent for those who do not have time to have a sit-down lunch. The fruit salad should have a variety of fruits including avocado. If your lunch does not contain all the three food groups your dinner should to avoid nutrient deficiencies.

    Avoid fried foods like chips, fried chicken this way you are limiting the amount of fat intake. Boil and steam your food and if you stew use very little oil. The oils that will be of benefit to your diet are olive oil, sunflower oil, and grape seed oil. These oils will allow the cell to cleanse itself.

  4. Snacks: Snacking is good but one should choose the right snacks. Cakes, biscuits, sodas, all fried foods should be avoided.Choose to snack on fruits, fresh juices, herbal teas nuts and seeds. These snacks will not only supply you with nutrients but they will also help to detox your body. When you snack on the right choice of foods your metabolism will be improved and you will be able to arrest your weight gain!
  5. Dinner: Have your dinner early enough (at least 3 hours before bedtime) to allow your body to work on the food before you go to bed.Having a freshly cooked soup before your main meal will give you a filling affect and will also prepare your stomach digestive fluids for the meal. Introduce whole foods like brown rice, whole meal chapatti, arrow- root, yams, sweet potatoes and other indigenous whole foods.

    Reduce the amount of carbohydrates and increase your vegetables and fruit helpings. Your vegetables and fruits should be as varied as possible. Legumes and pulses will supply all the amino acids required by your body if they are served with whole unprocessed carbohydrates.

  6. Water. Water is number cleanser for your body it helps in detoxing. Water is also required for all the function of your body so it is important to drink enough.Eight (8) Glasses of water in a day is a good amount but for those who are poor in drinking water your herbal teas (unsweetened) will count.

    Some people like to swallow every bite with a gulp of water or any other liquid you can get your hands on, your stomach digestive fluids are diluted if you drink water with you meals.

    Drink water ½ – 1 hour before and after your meals to allow for efficient digestion.

  7. Exercise: Sedentary lifestyle slows metabolism of many people. If you want to arrest your weight gain you have to start burning those fats by walking or going to the gym. The best way would be to start doing chores your-self.Most people who do office work by the time they get home they are too tired to do anything and so they sit and wait for everything to be brought to them. Start your exercises in a gradual sustainable way.

    You could start by carrying out small chores at home and make them a routine take for example getting something for you from the kitchen or from your bedroom  these small but regular tasks make you to be on the move all the time keeping your body active and improving your metabolism.

    Supply your body with enough oxygen by doing breathing exercises just before you go to bed and early in the morning upon rising. Your body metabolism functions better with enough oxygen supply.

You want to start managing your weight?

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