Dandelion: This common weed can be the answer to our nutritional problems

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Dandelion: This common weed can be the answer to our nutritional problems

behealthywise - Dandelion Plant

behealthywise - Dandelion Plant

Dandelion plant. Many treat them as just another species of weeds.

But they are not weeds! They are medicinal plants that are good for your liver and kidneys.

If you have Dandelion plants in your garden, protect them, harvest, dry them and keep it for a rainy day.

Preparation and use

  • It has a subtle sour taste. Add it to your salads.
  • It can also be added to the vegetables for juicing.
  • Infuse the dried leaves in water and have it as tea.

Properties and Indications

  1. It increases the production of urine and promotes the elimination of acid metabolic waste it also helps to reduce inflammation. Just make sure you drink enough water when you are using dandelion.
  2. It is a mild laxative. It cleanses the intestines and tones it. It removes excess mucus and improves nutrient absorption.
  3. It improves the function of the gall bladder
  4. It increases bile production and improves the function of the liver.
  5. It is an effective appetizer. It increases the secretion of digestive enzymes and stimulates all digestive processes, both chemical and physical.

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