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June 11, 2019
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Behealthywise - weight loss and management

Behealthywise - weight loss and management

When is one considered to be underweight?

One is considered underweight they weigh 15 to 20 percent or more, below individuals accepted weight standard. Most of the time underweight is considered a symptom of ill-health or disease and should get medical investigation.

What may be causing underweight?

  • An insufficient intake of quality and quantity of food to meet the needs of the individual,
  • Excessive activity as in athletes in training’
  • Poor absorption and utilization of the food consumed
  • A wasting disease or hypothyroidism that increases the metabolic rate’
  • Psychological or emotional stress
  • Physiological abnormality, eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia

Increase in calorie intake helps one put on weight

How to increase calories in your diet

  • Eat a well- balanced breakfast
  • Snack on nuts
  • Eat creamy soups
  • Increase your intake of healthy carbohydrates, preferably brown rice, spaghetti, ugali, chapatti and other healthy starches
  • Use gravy on your meats
  • Use whole milk
  • Eat dried fruits
  • Rest more often

When one is underweight it is important to first find out the underlying reasons for the problem. Seek the help of a nutritionist on how best to overcome this problem without running into another of too much weight gain. They will design a meal plan that will mitigate the problem.

Health and or nutritional couching is important for everyone wishing to change their eating habits and leave a healthy lifestyle.

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