Nutrition For Kids

Health and development is a very important aspect to any parent.  The right food is, of course, the basis of health, and providing a well-balanced diet can be one of the most challenging aspects of child care.

As children grow, their nutritional needs change as well as their taste for food.

Nutritional needs of your child change dramatically over the first couple of years and you need to be aware of them. It is essential to know what food to introduce at each stage of development and which to be avoided in order to keep your child healthy and happy at all times.

My health coaching extends to children too. They are the generation of the future and they need to be given the best of their nutritional needs and coaching as they grow so that it becomes a culture among them.

For infants, the parents have the responsibility of giving them the best of what they need nutritionally and for school kids, building capacity among the teachers, students and the catering department is key to healthy living and upbringing of children in school.

You have a kid/kids and you are wondering what best suits them nutritionally, let’s have a conversation.