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July 1, 2020
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Detox Program E-Book

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A practical guide to a safe and efficient detox programme, proven to aid in weight-loss and getting rid of processed food dependency and sugar addiction
This is not just a detox program. This program is specifically designed to address the underlying issues. We not only give you a meal plan, but a guideline to efficient body functioning. Once you are done with this program, you will be rid of the toxins slowing down your body functions and metabolism, the cravings associated with weight gain, and unhealthy eating habits. Your body will be functioning at its optimum, and you will have started the journey to leading a healthier lifestyle.
This program is not complicated. It is completely user-friendly and versatile. The meal plans include recipes that have a few simple ingredients that are locally available and easy to make.

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1 review for Detox Program E-Book

  1. Komen S.K

    This is the guide I’ve been looking for! It’s working for me!

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