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October 15, 2021
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November 17, 2021
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You Could Be Anaemic

Beets, Carrots, and Celery may help you answer that question.

Beetroot color is due to a pigment called beta cyanine. Studies have shown that individuals with iron deficiency or have difficulty with intestinal absorption of iron will pass red urine or stool after eating beetroot or drinking the juice. Beetroot does not only warn of the problem but it also helps in its solution.
Eating fresh beetroot in salads or drinking fresh juice twice a day (50- 100 ml) will give anti- anemic effect. It is particularly beneficial for people who do not respond well to iron treatment.

Beetroot has got high levels of potassium, calcium and magnesium making it a good blood alkalizer. It is therefore good for people agonizing with gout. It lowers high levels of uric acid in the blood. Beetroot is high in fiber that helps in facilitating intestinal action. It is also very effective in lowering blood cholesterol level by reducing the amount absorbed in the intestines. Beetroot has anti carcinogenic effect it neutralizes the action of carcinogen. It may slow down or prevent the development of cancer.



Beetroot can be shredded dressed with oil based dressing. Can be served on its own or mixed with other vegetables. It is very tasty and has a great texture.


Beetroot can be boiled separately but the cooking takes long. Cooked beetroot is easy to digest and tastes better. Boil it for at least 1 hour. Peels better when dipped in cold water immediately you remove from the stove.

Fresh Juice

The taste or flavor of fresh juice is not very pleasant to many people. But it is very good for cleansing the colon and liver. One can improve the flavor by making a mixed juice. A combination of beetroot, carrots, apple and celery will greatly improve the flavor and taste. Drink a maximum of 100 ml twice daily for a period of 3- 7 days.



Affordable medicinal food

Carrot is one of the vegetable richest in carotenoids which is converted by the body into vitamin A. Carrot contain most of the major vitamins and minerals. It is also very high in fiber in form of pectin or soluble fiber which to regulate the transit of stool and soothes the intestinal mucosa.

Carotenoids are also essential for the proper functioning of the retina especially night vision or in dim conditions. It permits the formation of color purple in the eye. It helps in building resistance to respiratory infections. It also helps in the removal of age spots. It keeps the outer layers of the tissues and organs healthy.
Carrots are therefore good for cleansing because its vitamin A will help to keep your
organs healthy.


Carrots combine well with other vegetables when preparing salads. It gives salads color and the crunchy texture. Carrots make an ideal snack for all in the family. It strengthens children’s teeth.


Cooking carrots makes them sweeter. Overcooking carrots destroy the vitamins. Keeping carrots on warmers for along time also destroys the vitamins.


Carrot juice is refreshing and tasty. It is also very soothing and easy to digest. It is good for cleansing and also ideal for all family members. Carrots combine very well with other vegetables. Its particularly very tasty when combined with apples to make a juice.



Reduces cholesterol! And also cleanses the blood.

Celery has a very unique taste not appreciated by many people but if used innovatively in salads and stir- fries or in juices it turns out with a good taste.
Celery does not stand out due to its nutritional value but rather in its essential oil, which is effective in cases of edema, it has diuretic effect increases urination thus cleaning the kidneys. It is rich in alkalinizing salts that help in neutralizing excess acid in the body. It is useful for nyama choma lovers since meat and animal products produces excess acidity in the blood.
Celery juice is effective in reducing blood lipid and cholesterol levels. It is also useful in reducing blood sugar levels.

Celery consumption is not recommended for pregnant women.


Detox Juice


  • 4 Medium size carrots
  • 1 Medium size beetroot
  • 1 celery stalk
  • 1 apple

Juicing Method

  1. Wash and peel carrots, beetroot and the apple.
  2. Wash and trim the celery stalk
  3. Cut the carrots lengthways in halves
  4. Cut the beetroot into narrow strips
  5. Juice them together
  6. Drink the juice immediately
  7. If you want to chill it store it in an air- tight container. Drink the juice within the day to benefit from its rich enzyme content.
  8. Enjoy your juice chilled or just the way it is.

Do not get shocked when you see the color of your pee after drinking, it comes from the strong color of the beetroot.

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